A child psychiatrist has told a Regina court he’s concerned a teenaged boy convicted of killing 16-year-old Hannah Leflar has psychopathic traits.

Dr. Brent Harold, who has been seeing the 16-year-old boy since August 2015, testified for the Crown during the third day of a sentencing hearing Wednesday.

Dr. Harold said given the teen's lack of remorse for Leflar's death, and his inability to feel empathy, psychopathic traits are a real concern for the boy.

Dr. Harold said he's treated thousands of patients, and that psychopathic traits have only been a concern in four or five of them, including Leflar's killer.

He described the boy as arrogant, with an often inflated sense of his own importance to people, and that he often saw the world as against him. He also described him as having narcissistic traits.

Leflar was found dead in her Regina home in January of 2015.

During the second day of the sentencing hearing Tuesday, court heard that the teen stalked Leflar for months, before murdering her in cold blood.

In an agreed statement of facts filed by the Crown and defence, the 16-year-old boy admits to recruiting other teens to help him spy on Leflar four months before she was murdered.

A psychologist testified that the teen was “obsessed” with Leflar, saying he had become depressed from not being with her, and committed murder to “self-medicate.”

McGrath said the boy likely suffers from some sort of mood disorder but, over the past two years, has refused treatment. She said the teen regrets what he did.

The Crown is requesting an adult sentence for the teen, who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder earlier this year.

A second boy has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the case, down from the original charge of first-degree murder. He is expected to be sentenced in September.

CTV Regina's Jamie Fischer is at court covering the proceedings: