Police in Saskatchewan will be on the lookout for new drivers and motorcycle riders disobeying the rules during a monthly traffic enforcement blitz in June.

"New drivers and riders have a lot to learn, so we encourage them to know what restrictions apply to them, take advantage of the courses offered and practice as much as possible to become a safe driver," Earl Cameron, executive vice-president of the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Auto Fund, said in a news release Wednesday.

Cameron noted there’s zero tolerance for new motorists and riders who use alcohol or drugs before driving.

“As they are still learning to drive, we want new drivers to be one hundred per cent focused on the task at hand," he said.

Drivers 19 and younger represented seven per cent of the driving population in Saskatchewan, but they were involved in 11 per cent of all collisions, according to SGI. Ten per cent of those killed and 12 per cent of those seriously injured in a collision were young drivers.