A Regina murder trial heard testimony Monday from four Saskatoon police officers about the night three men accused in the death of Shawn Douglas were taken into custody.

Const. Lee Conrad described a high-speed chase, in which Douglas’ missing SUV reached speeds of over 100 kilometres an hour in a residential neighbourhood, before crashing into a parked vehicle.

Court heard a hammer and sledgehammer were found inside the damaged SUV.

Several more suspects were arrested at a second location in the city.

Photographs of a Honda Civic parked outside that location were presented as evidence. The photos show two tissues in the trunk of the car, which appear to have red stains on them.

By the end of the night, eight people were in custody, including the three accused – Jonathan Peepeetch, Dennis Thompson and Duane Wilson.

The jury was presented with dozens of photographs of what the suspects looked like that night, including several small wounds and abrasions.

Clothing seized from the suspects that night was also presented as evidence.

Const. Garth Fleece of the Regina Police Service testified about being present when the autopsy was performed on Douglas’ body, which was found in a rural area northeast of the city in August 2014.

Fleece says Douglas still had zip ties around his wrists and ankles, which were also entered in to the record as exhibits.