Vibank’s Derrick Fink is the winner of a $1.4-million showhome in the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Home Lottery.

In addition to the 4,200-square-foot home in the Creeks, Fink also won $30,000 cash as part of the grand prize in Thursday night’s draw.

“(It’s) very nice, a lot nicer than anything I’ve owned up until now,” Fink said of the showhome.

Darcy Jenkins of Regina took home the $385,915 50/50 Add-On prize. Shane Hannah, also from Regina, won the early bird prize of a 2017 Lincoln Continental Reserve and Danube Viking cruise or $90,000 cash.

Montunrayo Adeyoju, who also hails from the Queen City, was the winner of a 2017 BMW 430xi Gran Coupe or 2017 Acura MDX or $55,000 cash.