REGINA -- SGI has released a new awareness ad campaign to bring attention to the 16 deaths on Saskatchewan roads in 2019 due to distracted driving.

Lack of attention behind the wheel also caused 4,539 collisions and 688 injuries in 2019.

SGI’s campaign consists of a 60-second commercial depicting a police officer responding to a car accident and the aftermath. Four 15-second videos will accompany the ad, all showing distracted driving scenarios.

Sandra Larose, an anti-distractive driving advocate, approves of the message the ads are trying to express.

“I applaud SGI for focusing on distractive driving. It’s just like impaired driving, it’s completely a personal choice, and it’s preventable and it’s selfish,” Larose said.

Larose’s daughter died in a distracted driving crash in 2018, she hopes drivers get the message.

“There’s no rewind button. Once your car is flipped like that you stop breathing there’s no other choice, there’s no going back,” she said.

To add more impact to campaign release SGI recreated a crash scene at their Regina compound.

The new commercial and videos will play on television, radio and online.