REGINA -- The second degree murder trial of a boy who can’t be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act has begun at the Conexus Arts Centre.

On Monday afternoon, 14 jury members and 2 alternates were chosen, and the defence and prosecution presented their opening remarks.

The accused boy, who was 15 at the time of the incident, has plead not guilty.

Police arrested and charged him in October 2018 in relation to the death of a 16-year-old girl at a house party on Cameron Street.

Crown prosecutor Nathanial Scipioni said in court on Monday the victim was stabbed with malicious intent just above the collar bone and died

Scipioni argued the boy brought two knives to the party, and that he and the victim were known to each other, but not close friends.  

Scipioni testified the party moved to the basement, where he said the accused punched the victim in the head and began beating her with his fists.

Other people then jumped in and the two separated, Scipioni said. Moments later, however, he said the victim was stabbed in the neck in the middle of a large group of people.

“She was the only person in the radius of the bottom of those stairs to feel the blade of that knife,” Scipioni testified.

Scipioni said immediately after the incident, the boy left the house and gave a vest he was wearing to a friend.

The vest had both knives in it, he said.


Defence lawyer Andrew Hitchcock testified there were several weapons at the party and multiple fights throughout the night.

Hitchcock said there are three different videos that will show three different perspectives of the fight.

He said the boy didn’t assault the victim. Instead, it was a fight that led to a larger brawl, he argued.


Regina police Cst. Eric Lauf testified that he was dispatched to the party for a weapons call around 12:30 a.m.

Lauf said a vehicle full of people left the scene as police arrived. He was met by a girl who he said lived in the house.

“She said her friend had been stabbed and she was downstairs in the basement,” he said.

Lauf testified he saw at least two people holding a piece of clothing to the victim's neck, trying to put pressure on the wound.

He said he didn’t find any other stab wounds. EMS took over and treated the girl.

Lauf said EMS declared the victim was dead about 30 minutes after police arrived.  

Cst. Alyssa Gregory, who also testified on Monday, provided court with photos that showed the inside of the home and where the victim’s body was in the basement.

She also showed photos of a vest and knives that were found in a backpack.

Gregory said she believed there was dry blood on the blade and the vest.

She testified the stab wound was in the upper right side of the victim’s chest and neck area.

Scipioni said there will be video showing the initial fight.

He said there will not be video showing the stabbing, but there will be footage that shows the aftermath.