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374 impaired drivers caught around Sask. in April, SGI says

Saskatchewan police caught 374 impaired drivers around Saskatchewan in April, a news release from Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) said.

Of that number, 179 people were issued Criminal Code charges and 195 were handed roadside licence suspensions, SGI said.

“All impaired driving offenses come with immediate licence suspensions, vehicle impoundments, impaired driving education programs and Safe Driver Recognition demerit points. The consequences become more severe if the driver exceeds Criminal Code limits, is a repeat offender and/or causes a collision that injures or kills someone,” SGI said in the release.

SGI’s traffic safety spotlight in April encouraged people to report possible impaired drivers through the RID (Report Impaired Drivers) program by calling 911.

In April, police around Saskatchewan also handed out 730 tickets for distracted driving, which included 649 for using a cell phone while driving, SGI said.

SGI said impaired driving has also been its Traffic Safety Spotlight for May. Top Stories

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