YORKTON -- The Saskatchewan Pride Network says 40 per cent of homeless youth are LGBTQ.

The organization attributes a lack of understanding and sympathy to why many LGBTQ people find it stressful to return home for the holidays.

"You're out in the world and you’re living your life and you're claiming your identity and sexuality and all of a sudden you have to go back into this little box of what expectations that your family has on you and sometimes that’s very difficult," Laura Budd, Education Coordinator with the Saskatchewan Pride Network, said.

For some, revealing their true self to family or friends can create unsafe situations.

"Holidays can be extremely stressful,” she said. “People don't respect new pronouns, people don't respect new relationships, people want to bring new relationship to family gatherings but they don't know who knows or who doesn't know or whether or not that will be accepted or respected so it can be really isolating."

The Saskatchewan Pride Network tries to find suitable homes for LGBTQ youth without a place to call home. The organization says parents struggling with loved ones sexuality should do some online research, and engage in open conversations.

"It’s a joyous time of year,” Budd said. “Find a place in your heart to love and respect everyone in your family. Create a safe space, you'll be surprised how many people in your family are gender and sexually diverse.”


CTV News Regina originally reported 40 per cent of LGBTQ youth are homeless, however that figure was incorrect. 40 per cent of homeless youth are LGBTQ. CTV News regrets this error.