Update: RCMP reported that Stoliker was found dead on Aug. 6, 2018

Authorities are continuing the search for 63-year-old Don Stoliker, who went missing hiking in Grasslands National Park.

Stoliker was last seen in the vicinity of the south access route near the west block of the park on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. He was in the park to hike the 80 km long loop of Ecotour Road.

He is described as a Caucasian man, with a slight build, glasses, short dark hair flecked with grey, a deformed fourth finger on his right hand and he walks with a slight limp. Stoliker was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, faded blue jeans, and is carrying a black coloured backpack with a sleeping roll attached.

Parks Canada is currently working with the RCMP, Civil Air Search and Rescue Association and local volunteers to search for Stoliker on the ground and in the air. They started searching the park at his last known location on Thursday, and have been expanding the search area over the last two days.

Parks Canada wants to remind back country hikers in Grasslands National Park to let friends and family know where and when they are going, and to also check in with parks staff.