The provincial government says 70 schools in the province are at or over 100 per cent capacity, with 20 of those schools being over 120 per cent capacity.

The NDP opposition raised concerns in the legislature regarding overcrowding in schools during Thursday’s question period.

“If education is the priority that the government, the premier, and the minister claims that it is then we need to provide schools for students we have in the system today,” said NDP MLA Carla Beck.

Minister of Education Gordon Wyant said the province’s average classroom size is 19 students.

The minister added this is a capital issue and this year’s budget includes additional funding for overcrowded schools.

“We’ve certainly made a commitment in this last budget for additional space to make sure we can provide a safe and a healthy learning environment for the children of this province, recognizing utilization issues across the province,” Wyant said following question period.

The NDP says while the government has made some investments, it isn’t keeping up with the growth of Saskatchewan schools.