The City of Regina says 73 water main leaks are currently running in the city compared to an average of 17 for this time of year.

Breaks are prioritized based on severity, whether residents are without service and how many are out of service due to a single break.

The city says recent extreme cold has caused many of the leaks, but as the freeze-thaw cycle begins crews will start opening blocked or frozen catch basins this week.

There are upwards of 20,000 catch basins in the city, and the city says the cycle can cause challenges for keeping them clear.

The city says it receives a high number of calls from residents to open frozen catch basins, but like water leaks, crews prioritize which catch basins to open based on the level of risk to public safety and risk of property damage.

The city asks residents to help crews by clearing snow, ice and debris from catch basins to provide paths for melting snow and ice to enter the storm drainage system.

The city also reminds residents to report water leaks or changing conditions at a water main break to Service Regina.