It’s a reunion 65 years in the making. Jean Fish now 86-years-old has been reunited with her biological brothers and sister.

Fish was 21-years-old when she found out she was adopted; abandoned as a baby in Regina. She then began the search for her biological family. Her granddaughter sent her DNA into website as a gift for her 85th birthday to help Fish find out more details about her ethnicity, and the results caught her by surprise.

“We just never really anticipated that after all these years that there would be hope of finding living relatives and to find that link has been awesome," said Fish’s granddaughter, Sandra Bonney.

Fish now lives in Ontario, but the 86-year-old made the trip to Regina along with her daughter and granddaughter’s to reunite with her two brothers and one sister.

“It was exciting and we were all at the airport, hugging and kissing,” said Fish.

“It was just surreal, like I said it’s just amazing that this has happened. Sometimes I have to pinch myself," said Fish’s sister, Faye Viergutz.

Although Fish's biological parents have passed away, she is thankful to she has been met her siblings, “I mean it’s a miracle I never thought would happen,” said Fish.