Although Moose Jaw may not always be associated with romance, Margot Johnson was inspired to write a feel good romance novel set in the city.

“It was just a little nugget of an idea that I tucked away,” Johnson said. “I wanted to write a feel good story. I love family, I love dogs and I think it’s really important to be resilient in life so I was able to bring all those elements together and make a story.”

Johnson said she was inspired to write a book after hearing about a pilot who proposed to his girlfriend is a very romantic way, inspiring her book “Love Takes Flight.”

“It’s about a daring jet pilot and a woman who owns a dog kennel and dogs bring them together,” said Johnson. “Along the way they are both trying to overcome some challenges and he has a secret so they have some conflict but eventually, I guess you have to read the book to find out.”

Scenes in the book are inspired by real places in Moose Jaw but are fictionalized versions.

For instance, one of the main characters, Drew Dixon, is a jet pilot with the Snow Wings based at the air force base just outside the city. Other places in Moose Jaw that appear in the book are Crescent Park, Temple Garden Spa, Tunnel of Moose Jaw, and of course, the moose of Moose Jaw also gets a line.

Johnson said she chose to base the book in Moose Jaw because of the romantic features of the community.

“I think Moose Jaw is a really charming community,” she said. “I think there are a lot of interesting and fun places to visit here."

Johnson said even though she titled the book “Love Takes Flight,” the book’s means much more to her.

“For me it’s really dreams take flight and I think it just shows that if you persevere and work hard your dreams can come true.”

Johnson comes from a family of writers and “Love Takes Flight” is her first book. She said she’s already working on her second book, but that one is set in Regina.

“That one is an office romance,” she said. “There are again some challenges. There are two leaders who see things quite differently and romance happens along the way.”

“It is set in Regina so closer to home for me. It’s been fun to mention things that are important to me like Wascana Park and the neighbourhood where I love, old Lakeview; it’s kind of fun to bring those things in.”