REGINA -- The Regina Police Service and members of the community are speaking up about a string of murders that took place last week.

Three murders occurred between Jan. 24 and 25. That brings Regina to four homicides in 2020.

In 2019 the city saw nine murders.

On Tuesday morning, Regina Police Services Chief Evan Bray provided some insight into what took place.

"Three homicides in the last week… is a real challenge to our community for us to wrap our heads around but what I also know is that there's no evidence to indicate that those three are linked. They are also incidents that have happened where there was some sort of preexisting relationship,” Bray said.

He doesn't believe the any of the incidents were gang related, but said drugs, alcohol and weapons were all present.

All of the murders took place in, or near, north central Regina.

Greg and Marilyn Brass have lived in the area for a decade, and say they feel safe despite the crime.

"It’s one of the places we've lived where you always see people walking; they're always out and about. You see parents with their little kids,” Marilyn said.

Greg was an RCMP officer for 10 years. During his time with the force he taught cross-cultural courses at Depot. He says the issues in the community are simply a symptom of a bigger problem.

“This problem here is largely such a lack of identity. They don’t know almost anything about their own people or even who their own people are,” Greg said.

The Brass’ have no plans to leave the neighbourhood. Instead, they hope so support the people who live there.

“You see hurting people walking around you can tell they are,” Marilyn said. “It sadden me very much, all these occurrences, the loss of life. It is very sad.”