REGINA -- A smelly situation has been brewing on playgrounds in the Harbour Landing neighbourhood recently.

Samantha MacDonald’s family was at Havilland Park near their home when she received an alarming text message from her husband.

"I get a text saying, 'immediately grab Lysol wipes, come to the park, our one-year-old just got in poop,'" MacDonald said.

MacDonald thought her daughter had accidentally touched animal poop, but when she arrived, she found out it was much worse.

"She had it on her arms and legs and my husband actually told me that no it wasn’t dog poop, it was human poop and immediately I got angry," MacDonald said.

MacDonald is going to be monitoring her daughter’s health for the next while after the incident.

"I cleaned her very well, cut her nails because I saw it was under her nails event, it was just absolutely disgusting," she said.

This hasn’t been an isolated incident in the neighbourhood over the past few weeks.

The City of Regina says it has received two complaints regarding feces on playground equipment in the area and crews have cleaned it up immediately.

Social media posts have shown poop being found on playgrounds at Norseman, Havilland and Fairchild parks, all in Harbour Landing.

"It’s just unfortunate because COVID-19, everyone was cooped up in their house and finally the doors open, the parks open, my three-year-old has been asking for months to go to the park, my husband takes her and this happens," MacDonald said.

MacDonald advises parents to be cautious and check the playground before letting your kids play on it.

The City says it won’t be increasing monitoring at the playgrounds and if residents have any concerns about maintenance to contact the city.