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Algae bloom to blame for strange smell and taste in Regina's tap water

Some Regina and Moose Jaw residents are looking for answers after noticing a strange taste and smell in their tap water as of late.

According to the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, the smell and taste is caused by an unusually early algae bloom.

Residents have said their tap water has a “lake like” taste and smell.

“What we’re seeing here is an algae bloom that’s actually in the water. So it’s in the water column, that’s relevant to the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant because they are always pulling water from the lake and treating it. That algae bloom is causing some issues as the plant causes its operational tactics to deal with that organic matter going through the treatment process,” Patrick Boyle from the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency said.

The water is still safe to drink and meets all the regulatory drinking water requirements, according to the treatment plant.

The plant also said it is working on solutions to reduce the altered taste and smell.

According to a City of Regina news release, the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant is currently using powdered activated carbon to reduce the taste and odour.

The city said the issue should be resolved in a couple of weeks.

“The clear message is that although there is an operational issue that is based on natural occurrences of the timing, drinking water is very safe from the plant,” Boyle said.

Currently, Drinking Water Quality and Compliance reports from previous years are available on the City of Regina’s website.

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