REGINA -- It wasn’t a cat trapped in a tree, but close. The Regina Fire Department was called for a report of a cat that was stuck on a wooden pole in the 1600 block of Ottawa St. just before 5 p.m. Monday afternoon.

“We don’t normally do cats in trees, as typical as that may be on old TV shows,” said Deputy Fire Chief Neil Sundeen. “This particular one, the cat was up there for 24 hours. Not able to come down by itself.”

Cat on pole

When cats are stuck in trees, Sundeen said the fire department usually tells people to open a can of tuna and leave it at the bottom. The cats usually come down on their own.

However, in this case it wasn’t possible because of the nature of the pole.

Sundeen said firefighters were doing some training, so a crew was asked to go over and rescue it.

An aerial bucket was used to reach the top of the pole. A firefighter was able to pluck the feisty feline off before being lowered safely down to the ground.

The cat was briefly assessed before being placed on the ground and scampering away.

Cat rescued

“The cat came down gracefully,” said Sundeen.”All's well that ends well.”