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Alleged victim concludes testimony in day two of Sask. hockey coach trial

-- Warning, the following story contains details some readers may find disturbing:

Despite allegations stemming from an incident 35 years ago, the complainant told court he is certain about what happened between him and Bernard Lynch all these years later.

Lynch, 69, is a former Saskatchewan hockey coach on trial for one count of sexual assault and one count of assault against a 17-year-old boy dating back to August 1988.

The alleged victim cannot be named under a publication ban.

On Wednesday, the complainant concluded his testimony during cross-examination at the Court of King’s Bench in Regina.

He told court that he had met and interacted with Lynch briefly throughout their time in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League as a player and a coach. However, the complainant said the two did not interact alone until Lynch invited him to Regina to help coach a hockey school hosted by the Regina Pats. Lynch was assistant coach of the Pats at the time.

Part of the teen’s accommodations included spending one night at Lynch’s apartment, where the complainant said he noticed a number of red flags.

Lynch bought beer for both of them, he offered the teen to sleep in his bed with him and suggested the two rent an adult film, according to the complainant’s testimony.

In an effort to “sober up” after consuming the beer, the complainant said he took a shower and Lynch joined him uninvited, which is when he claims he was sexually assaulted.

Lynch denies these allegations.

“Part of what this case is about, I think, is the relationship between coaches and players,” said defense lawyer Andrew Hitchcock during cross-examination.

“There is that opportunity I suppose for a coach to be an important figure in the development of young boys.”

The complainant agreed, but told court he knew Lynch’s behaviour was inappropriate.

Hitchcock closed his cross-examination by suggesting the complainant did not stay over at Lynch’s apartment that night and he did not have a beer or a shower with the accused.

“I did have a beer with Mr. Lynch. I did have a shower with Mr. Lynch and it was Mr. Lynch,” the complainant answered.

The trial is set to resume Thursday morning when the Crown prosecutor calls his final witness: the complainant’s former girlfriend at the time of the allegations.

The defense said it is likely Lynch testifies this week as well.

The trial is scheduled until the end of the week. Top Stories

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