REGINA -- Outgoing Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer said the recent discovery of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s involvement with the WE Charity is reminiscent of another scandal involving the Liberal Party leader.

“It really reminds me on the SNC Lavalin scandal, because it’s coming out in drips and drabs,” Scheer told CTV Morning Live.

Scheer said Conservatives are calling for all documents pertaining to Trudeau’s relationship with the WE Charity be made public. This follows confirmation that members of the Prime Minister’s immediate family were paid nearly $300,000 over four years for speaking at WE Charity events.

We want to see what this contract looked like,” Scheer said. “We want to know how many Cabinet Ministers knew he had this kind of relationship with this charity.”

In an emailed statement sent to, Chantal Gagnon, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, said Trudeau's relatives "engage with a variety of organizations and support many personal causes on their own accord."


Scheer’s Conservatives have proposed a “back-to-work bonus” which he said would allow employees to earn money and keep more CERB.

“We’ve been calling on this government to fix the gaps in their programs. Many people still don’t qualify for the wage subsidy; many businesses don’t qualify for the rental subsidy,” Scheer said.


Scheer said he plans to continue running for Regina-Qu’Appelle MP, and enjoys reconnecting with the communities in his riding.

“Being leader of the party I was able to able to highlight the issues that are effecting Saskatchewan and my riding,” he said. “ “The feedback I got was [my riding] was really rooting for me, they really appreciated the opportunity to have a Prime Minister from Saskatchewan and fix some of the issues that Sask is facing, the inability to get pipelines built, the terrible harvest we had and still no response from the federal government.”

With files from’s Rachel Gilmore.