The Saskatchewan Medical Association’s annual conference focused on the physical and mental health of healthcare professionals in the province.

Physicians were able to voice thoughts and concerns about the medical sector, as well as looking at ways to improve patient care.

On Friday, doctors discussed decreasing wait times for patients, the recent formation of the Saskatchewan Health Authority and making sure physicians are able to look after their own physical and mental health.

“Without healthy physicians, we don’t have good productivity,” said Dr. Joanne Siverston. “We don’t have good relationships with our patients if we are not feeling healthy ourselves, and so it’s going to be critical that we continue to support our doctors so that they can continue to give good care.”

Nephrologist Dr. Siva Karunakaren was announced as the new president of the SMA. He says the association has made some promising steps forward.

“We now monitor how many physicians get help,” he said. “Basically any physician in the province, any colleague, nurses, (they) can call us if they are worried about a physician and then our support team will reach out to them and do what they can to support them.”

The association will meet again on Nov. 2 to continue discuss the changes made to its strategic plan, as well as how the results have impacted physicians and patients across the province.

With files from CTV Regina's Josh Diaz