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Another powerful storm incoming for southeast Sask.

The southeast corner of Saskatchewan can’t catch a break as it braces for another Colorado Low to arrive over the weekend. Winter storm warnings are now in effect for Weyburn, Estevan, Carlyle and Moosomin for a mixture of rain and snow that will turn to heavy snow as this storm progresses. This will be combined with gusting winds to 90km/h for reduced visibility and the potential for freezing rain and ice as well.

Now, even though I feel like a broken record and we just played this tune, this weekend’s storm is going to play out a little differently than last week’s did. The main difference is the temperature and track. Cold air looks to be wrapped up in the northern and western sides of this system which means the heavy wet snow is likely to make the biggest impact on southeastern Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, southern Manitoba looks to stay on the rainy side of things which could lead to localized flooding. Track-wise, this low looks to move a little further west than the one last week which means heavier accumulations of snow in Saskatchewan.

So, let’s break down how it is going to play out in Saskatchewan. First, today we are going to see rain build in and as temperatures cool there will be the potential for freezing rain into the evening and overnight hours. Heading into Saturday, the precipitation will turn to a mixture of rain and snow. Then finally for most of Saturday into early Sunday heavy wet snow will be the story with high accumulations likely.

Currently, accumulations look to be highest along the axis from Estevan, Sask. to Dauphin, Manitoba, including Moosomin, Sask. as well. These areas could see 30 to 50 centimetres of snow, along with five to 15 millimeters of rain by the time the Colorado low is finished. So it is going to be messy out there.

This heavy accumulation will once again be combined with wind gusts up to 90km/h which will likely lead to blowing snow and reduced visibilities with potentially near-zero visibility. So, be careful once again if you plan to travel and know that conditions can change quickly.

Another hazard with this system will be potential power outages as we see freezing rain and an icy mixture. So once again have those emergency kits and candles ready as this storm pushes in. Stay safe everyone! Top Stories

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