REGINA -- Applications are being accepted for the Herold Hockey and Leadership Development Program for 2021-22.

Family members of Adam Herold, the youngest player killed in the Humboldt bus crash, created the Foundation to honour him.

“It was actually brought to us by his former coaches,” said Erin Herold, Adam’s sister. “It was a great idea to be able to give back to communities, especially rural which is where we’re from, and really build on Adam’s legacy and do things that he might have done with his life, but obviously did not have the chance to.”

The program is a three-day camp aimed to help youth develop their hockey and leadership skills.

Trainers will come to the selected communities to work on skill development, physical and mental training, coaching development and provide ongoing support for hockey programs in rural communities.

Each of the campers are asked to do some volunteer work in their communities as part of the leadership training.

“We focus on showing kids how they can be leaders in their own communities whether they are five or 18,” Herold said.

The first camp was held just months after the bus crash. Camps have since taken place in Balcarres, Gravelbourg, Alameda, Torquay, Preeceville, Radville, Naicam and Maple Creek.

The Adam Herold Legacy Foundation will pick two communities to host camps during the 2021-22 season. Communities are responsible for arranging and providing ice and classroom facilities, coordinating registration and other supports as required for coaches, instructors and resources for two weekend sessions.

Communities interested in applying can do so through the Foundation’s website or Facebook page.

Application deadline is April 9, 2021.