A 19-year-old Alberta man has now been charged with attempted murder with a firearm after a shooting involving police last month.

Police say Tristan Pinder, 19 and Verena Petruka, 30, were allegedly in a cab that had been stolen from Regina when they were involved in a gas theft from a gas station in Lashburn, Sask. on April 14. The cab driver was stabbed and taken to hospital with serious injuries. He has since been released.

RCMP began to chase the vehicle, and officers say someone in the stolen Dodge Caravan fired a gun at them. Police discharged a gun at the vehicle.

The police cruiser hit the van, forcing it into the ditch.

Police say someone inside the van pointed a gun at police again, so an officer discharged a gun again.

Officers used a police dog to get two suspects out of the vehicle.

Several charges were laid against Pinder, who is from Elk Point, Alta., and Petruka, who is from Melville, Sask. in April, including flight from police, dangerous driving, discharge of a gun and assaulting a police officer.

The attempted murder charge was laid against Pinder on Thursday.

Regina police have charged the pair with robbery.