Members of the Ales and Lagers Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan got together on Saturday to teach others about home brewing. “Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day” is a chance for brewers to share ideas and techniques about brewing beer at home.

The club has around 100 members and has been holding this event since 2009.

“There's so much art and science behind good beer," said Mark Heise, brew master at Rebellion Brewing. "The average person doesn't know much about it and so we are really big supporters of continuing that education."

Home brewer Parker Willfong came out on Saturday to brew using juniper leaves, a Norwegian tradition.

"Traditionally they would add juniper branches in the mash tun with all the grains," said Willfong.

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority’s regulations don’t allow people to brew alcoholic beer in a public space without a license. The group instead brewed wort.

"The brewer makes wort and the yeast makes beer," Willfong said. "Until the yeast attacks it, there is no alcohol in here whatsoever."

Willong said he appreciates the rise of craft beer in the province but still prefers beer made with his own two hands.

"I can still have a say in how it's brewed and how it ends up tasting," he said.