On Thursday evening, a Regina dispensary was raided for the second time in 48 hours after police obtained a search warrant.

Police seized evidence including drugs and substances, money and other items police say are in support of drug trafficking charges from Best Buds Society, located in the 1300 block of Cornwall Street.

Three employees of the store have been charged.

Police say the investigation will continue and more charges are expected.

The business was raided for the first time on Wednesday night, in a move by Regina police that saw five other similar businesses raided as well. 

Best Buds made a Facebook post on Friday, saying “We have had a rough few days, but we only got scratched up. We will continue to help patients to the end. We have rights and deserve the proper treatment and dignity I our choice of medication.”

Best Buds Society also says they will be holding a rally for the employees that were charged.

“Were having a rally of support for our team that got locked up and starting to plan our next protest steps. Please meet in the Best Buds Lounge at 2. We need your support, patients need your support,” the business said on Facebook.

Best Buds Society also says they are opened again as of Friday.