Just two days before he retires from politics, it has been revealed that Bill Boyd is facing several environmental-related charges.

The Kindersley MLA has been charged with altering wildlife habitat and ecological lands. The alleged violation of the Wildlife Habitat Protection Act happened on Crown farmland near Eston this past spring.

Boyd also faces three charges under the Environmental Management and Protection Act – one count of altering the configuration of a bed, bank or boundary of a body of water, one count of removing, displacing or adding sand to a body of water, and one count of removing vegetation from a body of water. Those charges stem from shoreline and alteration work along the South Saskatchewan River.

A court date has been ordered for Boyd in Kindersley Provincial Court on Oct. 10.

Boyd was removed from the Saskatchewan Party caucus just before he was set to retire this Friday after the conflict of interest commissioner ruled the MLA inaccurately represented government involvement in an irrigation project during a private business trip in China.