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Regina pub crushes Caesar cocktail world record with 1,050-litre monstrosity


A Caesar fit for an entire legion, that’s how Birmingham’s Pub’s attempt at a record breaking cocktail could be described.

The world record breaking Caesar contained 114 litres of vodka, 912 litres of clamato juice, 14 litres of Worcestershire sauce and 10 litres of Tabasco sauce.

All the ingredients were mixed together to make a 1,050 litre iteration of the classic Canadian beverage.

The previous record was set in Calgary in May, when distillers completed a 1,000 litre Caesar.

The effort marked the 10th anniversary of Birmingham’s, which was established in Regina in 2013.

The "Bloody Caesar" was originally invented by Walter Chell at the Calgary Inn in 1969.

From a supposed hangover cure to one of Canada's most famous inventions, the claims around the Caesar have added up in its 54 year history, with entire competitions dedicated to inventing spins on the classic cocktail.

The record breaking event also celebrated the 10th anniversary of Birmingham's Vodka and Ale House. (Source: Facebook Birmingham's) Top Stories


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