A new study ranks Brad Wall as the best fiscal manager among Canada’s current premiers.

The Fraser Institute study examined the fiscal records of 10 Canadian premiers during the 2013/14 fiscal years. Premiers were assigned scores based on their performance in terms of government spending, taxes, and deficits and debt.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall ranked first among current premiers with an overall score of 71.5 out of 100, followed by B.C. Premier Christy Clark (64.8) and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger (49.9). Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was last among current provincial leaders with a score of 39.5.

“While the top performing premiers should be commended, there is room for all to improve,” study author Charles Lammam said in a news release Thursday.

“In Saskatchewan, for example, annual government spending increases were largest, greatly outpacing average inflation and population growth.”

Five of the 10 premiers ranked in the study are no longer in office, while Robert Ghiz has said he will step down as premier of Prince Edward Island next month.

Overall rankings (* indicates former premier):

1. Kathy Dunderdale, Newfoundland and Labrador (84.6)*

2. Brad Wall, Saskatchewan (71.5)

3. Christy Clark, British Columbia (64.8)

4. Greg Selinger, Manitoba (49.9)

5. David Alward, New Brunswick (46.0)*

6. Alison Redford, Alberta (45.9)*

7. Pauline Marois, Quebec (40.8)*

8. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario (39.5)

9. Darrell Dexter, Nova Scotia (36.9)*

10. Robert Ghiz, Prince Edward Island (33.2)