Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has named former deputy premier Ken Krawetz as his new chief of staff.

Wall’s outgoing chief of staff, Joe Donlevy, is leaving to pursue business opportunities in the private sector.

“First, I want to thank Joe Donlevy for his advice and guidance, good judgment and management skills over nine-plus years as my Chief of Staff,” Wall said in a news release Wednesday.

“It is a difficult job and I understand Joe is the longest-serving Chief of Staff to the Premier in Saskatchewan history, at least as far back as we have records. Thank you Joe for your friendship and for your service to our government and to the people of Saskatchewan.”

Wall said he is delighted that longtime MLA and cabinet minister Ken Krawetz has agreed to take over as chief of staff for the remaining months of the premier’s time in office.

“It’s not easy to find someone to step into this role who has the judgment, the organizational skills, the experience and the respect of everyone in government,” Wall said.

“Ken Krawetz checks all of those boxes. After working closely with Ken for nearly 17 years in opposition and government, I am very happy to be working with him again in my last few months as Premier.”

Wall said Krawetz’s experience and familiarity with government ministers, MLAs and staff will make for a smooth transition as the government prepares for an active fall session.