REGINA -- The developer of a building project in Wascana Park has been given until the end of June to finish demolition and restore the site.

This leased property in Wascana Park was left with an open excavation since the old building was demolished two years ago.

The City of Regina granted a 30-day permit extension for the developer, Brandt Industries, to “finish demolition and return the land to useable park state.”

“Absolutely we would like to see it cleaned up and I believe the PCC and the province would like to see it cleaned up as well,” Sandra Masters, Mayor of Regina said.

Brandt had plans to construct a four story office building on the site, with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) included as a free tenant.

The project was put on hold in the summer of 2020 because of COVID-19.

The Provincial Capital Commission (PCC), which regulates development in the park, declined two interview requests from CTV News.

The developer did not respond to a request for information.  At last word, Brandt and the CNIB were still interested in building at the location, but for now may have to restore the land to a park.

The demolition permit was originally granted by the City in March 2019. It was renewed at the developer’s request in December 2020.

It is not clear what will happen after June 30.

“There was a further extension provided to the end of the month and past that I’m not sure anyone is aware what is going to happen going forward,” Masters said.