Their journey started eight years ago when a group of 10 women published a cookbook to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Now it has taken them all the way to Paris, France.

Their fifth cookbook, “Breast Wishes for the Men in Our Lives,” has taken top prize in the Charity - Fund Raising category at the international Gourmand Awards. They had some pretty stiff competition, up against cookbooks by Michelle Obama and Microsoft.

With six Canadian best sellers to their credit, their latest book dedicated to men’s prostate cancer awareness won the Gourmand Award for the top charity cookbook in Canada.

Before departing for France last week, Breast Friend Jacquie Klebeck told CTV News, "In our wildest dreams, we did not think this journey would take us to Paris."

To date, their series of cookbooks has raised $1.4 million for breast and prostate cancer research.