Roughriders coach Chris Jones announced Monday that quarterback Brandon Bridge would get another chance to start this week.

“Bridge is going to start. And we’ll ll come in with Watford and both will more than likely play,” said Jones.

This comes after Bridge was pulled from Saturday's game after only two quarters of action. He had a tough half, only completing eight out of 18 passes for 111 yards and also throwing two interceptions.

It gives Bridge some confidence that his coach will be going back to him this week.

“For him to actually put his trust in me again to be the starter is actually pretty good. It makes me feel good,” said Bridge

However, it does not take the sting away from being pulled mid game.

“It's definitely deflating because obviously I was actually in that position last year, where I was put in to actually get us out of the situation and now it’s my own situation. I put myself in my own deficit and I wasn't able to take myself out of it. I wish the coach would have left me in so I can actually get myself out of that deficit and let me rock,” said Bridge.

Many are wondering how this will impact the 26-year-old’s confidence moving forward, but some of the issues for the Rider’s offense can be found outside of the pocket.

“It looks like it's all like your fault on TV, but when you look at the film and people who actually know football, it's actually a team game and a lot of the mistakes that we had just wasn't on me, it was actually as a whole,” said Bridge.

Quarterbacks Coach Steve Walsh also noted that the shortcomings on offense are not all on Bridge.

“We struggled in a lot of areas offensively and you know him and I spoke during and after the game, I think a lot of the times the QB gets more credit when things are going well and more blame when things are going bad,” said Walsh. “His path has had its ups and downs and last year there were a fair amount of ups and we expect him to bounce back and return to that form.”

Bridge will try to return to form Thursday night, as the Riders take on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Mosaic Stadium.

Based on a report by Claire Hanna