People in Regina got the chance to learn how to build their own “tiny house” at a workshop on Sunday.

The trend of small houses has been getting bigger across the country, and Kenton Zerbin, who taught the course, is hoping it introduced more people to the tiny house trend.

“Usually it’s the square footage which people really define it by,” said Zerbin. “They’re bigger than you think.”

Typically sized between 100 to 500 square feet, the houses are meant to cut down on the environmental footprint. So after building his own tiny house, Zerbin wanted to pass along his knowledge.

“Some people know already what they want, but they don't know how to accomplish it. So we go through all the steps of construction so they can create a well-designed, efficient, for Canada, tiny house,” said Zerbin.

The environment is one of the reasons Regan Sanderson wanted to take part in the class, who left with all the tools she needs to build her own.

“The supplies that you need are basically the same, but you want to kind of minimize everything and create more storage and small spaces so that you can live functionally within a really tiny space,” said Sanderson.

Zerbin said moving into a tiny home is an adjustment, but it has helped save him money, lessened his impact on the environment and tested his designing abilities.

“For those who don't think they can do it, it's interesting to try.”