What’s in a name? That’s what a new eatery in downtown Regina is trying to find out.

The pub will be opening its doors on 11th Avenue soon, but first it needs a name. The founders are holding a Facebook contest to give the restaurant a name and a logo.

“We had a couple of ideas for names ourselves, but we decided to check if someone else has something better,” said co-owner Niall O’Hanlon. “We put it on Facebook on Friday and the response has been crazy.”


There’s $1,000 up for grabs - $500 for the person who names the pub and another $500 for the person who designs the logo.

“We wanted to get our customers involved before we even got started,” O’Hanlon said.

More than 1,100 responses have already come in on the post. The pub owners will choose their top 10 choices.

“We’re going to wine them and dine them,” O’Hanlon said. “Then we’ll decide which one is the best.”