Nearly a month after legalization, Regina business The Grow Room is letting people know purchasing cannabis isn’t the only option by teaching people how to grow their own at home.

“What used to be an illegal hidden dark sort of art has come into the light,” said Jeremy Drummond, co-owner of The Grow Room.

“Really, there hasn’t been an opportunity before to legally learn how to do any of this … and now that it is out in the open, we feel that it needs to be supported in a safe way, and doing that with educational classes is a really great place to start.”

Chad Bonin is the company’s master grower, and has been growing medicinal marijuana for 24 years.

He said his crash course for new growers outlines key growing basics.

“The new laws that have been changing, the plant life cycle, what you need at home to do it yourself, and (it) just gives you a real basic idea of what you have to do,” he said.

But getting a supply of legal seeds has been an issue, making business slow going. Once the supply grows to meet demand, Drummond is optimistic the business will grow as well.

The Grow Room currently offers introductory courses on growing your own cannabis at home and plans on having a more advanced workshop in the new year.