The city is aiming for increased safety on Dewdney Avenue, adding two new pedestrian crossings along a high traffic section of the road in the Warehouse District.

Pedestrian signs have been added on both sides of the street at the intersections of Hamilton St. and Lorne St. The city said painted cross walks will be added before the end of September.

The new signs come after businesses in the area raised concerns about pedestrian safety when crossing the busy road.

Grant Frew, the Bar and Marketing Manager at Bushwakker Brew Pub, has been working at the bar for nearly 30 year, and said the dangerous crossings have become a common customer complaint.

“When they're crossing Dewdney Ave it’s like they're playing Frogger,” said Frew. “I really question if the drivers along Dewdney Ave. are actually going to see those signs. There are so many signs from the businesses, lots of distraction.”

After assessment from the city, Dewdney Ave. was deemed to be in need of a safety upgrade due to the high foot and vehicle traffic.

“The engineering analysis determined this would be an adequate traffic combination measure and we wanted to do something that was cost effective,” said Chris Warren, the acting director of roadways and transportation for the City of Regina.

The Brickhouse Gym also faces Dewdney Ave., and Jason Anton who works there hopes the signs make things easier for people coming to work out.

“Sometimes you're waiting a long time to cross, so we're hoping that this sign will really make an impact on drivers to just slow down,” said Anton.

Frew and Anton agree the signs are a good first step, but both would like to see more safety enhancements along the street.

“Ideally some overhead pedestrian crossing lights I think would really help, but for right now those signs on their own, it will be interesting,” said Frew.

“I think they should enact a 30 km zone on this strip just to ensure the safety of others within the Warehouse District,” said Anton.

However, the city says the signs are just a temporary solution, as further safety development in the area will come as part of the $33.6 million Railyard Renewal Project.