It was a day on the job one Regina taxi driver won’t soon forget.

Co-Op Taxi’s Muhammad Asif Khan says last Thursday, in broad daylight, a man struck his back window with an axe. It happened in a parking lot on the corner of Angus St. and Fifth Ave -- a place the driver often parked, while waiting for a call.

He says the man then attempted to smash his driver-side window, but Khan managed to drive away before he had the chance. He says the man then crossed Angus St. and struck another parked car.

Unsure what to do, Khan called his friends, who then called police.

According to the Regina Police Service, when officers arrived on scene, the suspect then threw the axe at police.

Khan has since replaced his window and is back on the road. But he says he won’t be staying in that parking lot again.

“Right now I’m not working in this area, so I’m moving. I’m scared you know, I have a family,” says Khan. “This is a shocking incident so I’m scared – still I’m scared – so I’m not working in this area. I just drop the customer and then move.”

Trey D. Asapace, 21, was arrested and charged with four counts of mischief under $5000 and one count of possession of a weapon dangerous to the public. He made his first court appearance this week.