REGINA -- A pair of friends has launched an online campaign to put former Sask. Premier Tommy Douglas on Canada's new $5 bill.

Robin Murray, from Ogema, and Ron Woznow, from Edmonton, are behind the campaign.

The friends live in B.C. now, and said they often talk about politicians who have made a difference in Canadian history. Douglas came up in conversation one day, and they decided he was a clear choice to be the face of the bill.

"Tommy has touched everybody in a very unique way and he should be on the $5 bill," Woznow said.

Douglas, known as the Father of Medicare, introduced universal healthcare to Saskatchewan in 1962. The country followed suit in 1966.

"That's a great thing he gave us all," Woznow said.

Nominations for the face of the $5 bill can be made on the Bank of Canada website. Woznow said people from all across the country have told him they plan to vote for Douglas.

Regardless of who people vote for, Woznow encourages everyone to have their say in the new bank note.

"Let the bank know that we as Canadians really do care about who's on our $5 bill," he said.

The submission deadline is March 11.