WHITEWOOD SASK. -- They say one man’s trash is someone else's treasure and George Chopping has brought that saying to life at his prairie museum.

“I've been here 35 years and have been collecting all my life and now I’ve got so big and so cluttered up that I can't even move," George Chopping, Owner of Old George’s Museum and Hidden Village, said.

Chopping bought the homestead back in 1985 and decided to make it and his collections a museum. The 17-room mansion offers a look back into some forgotten times and artifacts.

“Basically I like to preserve the history of our prairie provinces and I'm always interested in items that are from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta,” Chopping said.

The hidden village offers visitors a look back in time with a saloon, sheriff’s office and even cabins you can stay in for the night.

“Down in the back there, there's 30 buildings and I've made it like a Wild West village and there's even old cabins and people stay in them. I had a lady stay in it the other night from Vancouver for a couple nights,” he said.

While Chopping understands the outside of the property might deter some from taking a peak inside, he says you won’t be able to compare it to any other museum.

“Some people go to others [museums] and say yeah it’s nice, neat and orderly. You come to this place and this place is cluttered. You'll have to see when you travel through.” Chopping said.

While the rooms are filled to the brim with his finds, Chopping says he won’t be slowing down anytime soon.