With an action-packed week coming to a close, there’s still plenty going on during Canadian Western Agribition's last day.

The Ruff Riders Sport Dog demonstration showed off the canines’ athleticism.

“It was really cool for us to come out here and showcase the different aspects of the sports that our dogs can do, that they’re not just fly ball dogs, that they’re confirmation dogs,” said Ashley Hyde of the Ruff Riders fly ball team.

“They’re strutting their stuff in the show rings. They do rally obedience, they do agility, you saw the disc dogs coming out, they all just like to come out and have fun with their people.”

The Fleece and the Furious – a new event this year – debuted on Saturday, with regular people attempting to herd sheep while wearing a large inflatable bubble.

“Well, we didn’t actually end up getting any of the sheep in the kennel. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and it’s one of those runs that I kind of want to go and do it again because it was that much fun,” said participant Kevin Dunn.

The show wraps up with the rodeo finale Saturday night. Although this brings Agribition to a close, the work continues.

Agribition announced that it is launching a new 18 month mentorship program for Saskatchewan residents.

“The idea is lots of one-on-one time, lots of community building within this group, and lots of skill development around governance and leadership,” said Chris Lane, the CEO of Agribition.

Applications for the mentorship program open in a few weeks.