After months of legal proceedings, the developer of Capital Pointe says they intend to complete the project.

The City of Regina says the developer, Westgate Properties Ltd., confirmed to them on Friday afternoon that they intended to finish the high rise tower as one of the options set out by the Saskatchewan Building and Accessibilities Board after an appeal in July.

The board heard the appeal after the city filed a motion back in April for the developer to fill the site, due to what the city called “unsafe conditions” at the excavation.

After the appeal wrapped up, the boards set three options for the developer, complete the project by March 2022, and build permanent shoring to secure the foundation, or backfill the excavation. The developer had until the end of September to state their intentions.

Under the ruling, the developer must apply for new building permits by the site by October 31, 2018.

In the meantime, the City of Regina has since filed a lawsuit against the developer, saying the appeal board did not have the power to authorize further construction at the site.

That appeal has been put over until October 23, 2018.

Neil Abbott, the lawyer representing Westgate, says it is unclear where they project will stand if the city is successful in the suit.