REGINA -- Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said he hopes to bring up issues related to the carbon tax and concerns from Regina residents about the energy sector in a scheduled call with the Prime Minister.

The call between Mayor Fougere and Prime Minister Trudeau is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Fougere expects that the PM will take the lead, and he welcomes a conversation about the mood in the province following the election.

“Concerns are not being addressed when it comes to the energy sector and jobs that have been lost,” Fougere told reports after Monday evening’s city council meeting. “Not a response from the federal government that I think is adequate. This whole issue around the carbon tax needs to be addressed; we have two Premiers who are very concerned about what that means.”

He said there are steps the PM can take to change the conversation and engage political leaders.

Fougere will provide an update on the call on Tuesday afternoon.