REGINA -- After months of awaiting a decision from the CFL on whether or not the 2020 season would proceed, many players, fans and coaches expected an answer by Friday.

The CFL Board of Governors met Thursday afternoon, however, according to Dave Naylor, TSN CFL Insider, the Board didn’t reach a decision.

Now, multiple deadlines have come and gone. The biggest cog in the delay, is that the CFL is still waiting for the federal government

“We want the federal government to tell us, yes or no, we can’t make them tell us yes, but we feel like we’d like to be told yes or no here before we walk away,” said Naylor.

The government is now assessing the CFL’s most recent request for a $30 million, no interest loan. It’s also discussing with health authorities if they’ll grant Americans a border exemption to travel to Canada to play in the Winnipeg bubble.

“They’re probably going over that piece first, before [the government] decides whether to give them the money. If you decide to give them the money and then Health Canada people say wait a minute before we don’t like their plan, so I think there’s a couple things they need to get approval on,” said Naylor.

The government offered the CFL a $42 million high interest loan last week, but the league turned it down.

“The league feels like if they played with this kind of loan, they might be in a worse position by the time we get to December than if they didn’t play at all,” noted Naylor.

Many players have taken to social media to set their own deadlines and demand answers from the league and Ottawa.

“If they’re demanding to know and they need an answer, the only answer we can give them is no. The reason we’re waiting is that we hope we can give them yes,” said Naylor.

The CFL is hoping to start in late September, but there’s only so much time left for a game changing play.

“I think the league worries that the federal government may be just trying to run out the clock here, like a football team does at the end of the game,” said Naylor.