The Canadian Football League has released the results of its CFL Simulation after a long weekend of Labour Day football – and it predicts the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the team with the best chances of winning the Grey Cup.

The simulation gave the Riders a 35 per cent chance of winning the Grey Cup, topping runners-up like 28 per cent for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and 21 per cent for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Additionally, the results peg the most likely Grey Cup matchup this year as Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton.

The green and white also have a nearly 50 per cent chance to win the West, according to the simulation.

The model considers each team’s record, opponents already played, the margin of victory in previous games this season, remaining opponents, and most recent results. Using this data, the simulation runs 10,000 replications of the remaining regular season contests and the resulting playoff brackets, tracking how well each team does in the process.

Full results from the CFL Simulation can be found here.