Russ Eckstein uses the Regina transit system every day to get to and from work.

"You always get picked up with a warm vehicle and brought back home the same way."

He was among the curious visitors at the Victoria Square Mall who stopped by a display showing potential changes to bus routes across the city.

"Just because we use the bus daily, I wanted to come down and find out what exactly those proposed changes were going to be and how it would affect us."

The display is part of a public consolation process meant to give residents the chance to express their view on a new transit system.

"We hope people will come out and actually give us their opinion. Becaus we want to give the best service we possibly can for transit.” Says Mayor Michael Fougere.

“It's all about making the city more liveable, more easy to get around. This is an important element for us. We do want to encourage the public to come out and talk to us."

More than 100 people stopped to view the proposed routes and speak with city representatives.

According to Nathan Looming from the city, people are bringing forward feedback and concerns to be addressed.

"The number one questions is: how is it going to impact me? So, if they were riding the bus before, is the service going to change? Or can they start riding the bus because there's more service provided."

Of course, changes haven't been proposed for every route.

Popular routes are expected to see no change, and express routes to popular locations have been proposed to get people to their destinations faster.

Fougere says an efficient system is key.

"If they can get to where they want to go in about the same time it takes to drive there, they're more likely to use the transit system, and that's the element here."

Two more public consultation sessions are scheduled for this week. The first on Monday at the Albert Scott Community Centre and the second on Tuesday at the University of Regina.