Tia Pinacie-Littlechief has been found not guilty in the stabbing death of Justin Crowe.

Crowe’s brother and mother cried out that the decision was wrong and charged at Pinacie-Littlechief after the verdict was read. They were both escorted out of the courtroom.

Media was prevented from leaving the courtroom until Crowe’s family was removed from the court. Regina police were been called to help assist emotional family members and to escort jury members to their vehicles.

Pinacie-Littlechief was visably distraught after the verdict, and was comforted by her lawyer and family members.

“She has lost a big piece of her innocence that she’ll never get back,” Defense lawyer Ian McKay told media. “I’m just hoping she’s going to be able to rebuild and move on.”

The Crown Prosecutor spoke to media following the verdict.

"My thoughts are with the family and friends of Justin Crowe, we have to remember that we have lost a loved one and it’s a very emotional time for them so my thoughts are with them,” Mitchell Miller told media. “Also I want to thank the jury because they did a very difficult and important civic duty and again we greatly appreciate their service.”

Crowe was found dead in a home on the Piapot First Nation in October of 2015.

The 27-year-old’s body was found after a party at the home.