Young people living on Carry the Kettle Nakoda Nation now have a safe and fun place to spend time after school.

The Cega Kin Youth Centre is now open for anyone who wants to come and share in some fun. It includes pool tables, air hockey, foosball, and even gaming rooms equipped with televisions and consoles.

Chief Brady O’Watch said this has been a dream he has had since becoming chief in April 2018. His goal was to provide a more stimulating childhood for youths than he had, in order to keep them out of trouble.

“When I was their age I didn’t have anything,” said O’Watch. “So often when you don’t have much to do, you revert to negative things.”

In addition to games, the hub will also have community mentors and elders to speak to the youth. It will host ceremonies and story sessions to ensure they are constantly learning about their culture and traditions.

“The mentors are a huge thing for our community. For them to come out and show the young ones about a better lifestyle, teach them about their upbringings,” O'Watch said.

Junior Chief Evanja O’Watch and she is excited to use the centre.

“This youth centre is going to be a safe place for everyone. To come do homework, play games, or hang out with friends. I hope everyone will take advantage of the opportunities we have.”

She also has a particular activity she is going to play often.

“I play table tennis a lot at the school, so I was really happy to see that they brought the tables over here so I have a place to play after school.”