REGINA -- The Stevenson family is remembering the life and legacy of Chili for Children founder Theresa Stevenson, after she died Monday at the age of 92.

Chili for Children aims to provide children with healthy meals and cooking skills that they can carry throughout their lives. The program is still running in schools in Regina's North Central neighbourhood. The program was incorporated in 1979 but Stevenson’s work started in 1974.

"She filled a wonderful gap in our community and it continues to go on, so what a legacy," said former Regina mayor Pat Fiacco. "Everyone passes but she certainly will be remembered."

Today, Chili for Children feeds 870 school-age children three days a week.

Stevenson's son, Greg, remembers his mother always said, "No one is going to look after our young people except for us."

Greg, who is now the executive director of Chili for Children, said his mother's death was not a surprise to the family as she was failing in her final days.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Stevenson's family could not be with her, but Greg said his mother was well taken care of at Broadview Centennial Lodge.

"She was always happy," Greg said. "She smiled right up until the end."

Greg described his mother as a spiritual woman and said education and nutrition were extremely important to her.

"She wanted the children to have a balanced diet so that their brain function was working and they could get a good education," Greg said. "She wanted to have a child feeding program because she used to ask the question, ‘How can they learn if they don't eat?’"