Several hundred people from all Christian denominations gathered in front of city hall Friday morning to walk the twelve Stations of the Cross.

"Over the past sixteen or seventeen years, we've held this downtown as a way of contemporizing what we call the Stations of the Cross, the story of Jesus taking his cross to Calvary for crucifixion," says Father John Weckend from St. Cecilia Roman Catholic Church.

Also known as the Way of the Cross, the stations "commemorate Christ's death and crucifixion." Reginians carried a large wooden cross from city hall down 11th Avenue to Victoria Park. They showed their devotion at each station with prayers and meditation. This year the group also reflected on their relation to Mother Earth, in light of Earth Day and Good Friday both being on April 22.

"It's a time of remembrance of what Christianity is all about. Hopefully, we can spark some interest in the community and a little bit of a revival of what Good Friday really means to Christianity, to the community and to the world," says Gordon Stopanski, the chairman of the Regina Archdiocese Pastoral Council, who participated in the devotion.

Organizers hope that performing the Stations of the Cross publicly on Good Friday will make it more relevant to people's lives today.