The vote wasn't unanimous but the City of Regina is continuing to forge ahead with its proposed stadium plans.

The city’s executive committee approved a number of proposals during Wednesdsay’s meeting, including the funding model for the project, a conceptual design and an evaulation critieria for interested contractors.

Officials say the city will start reaching out to firms in the coming months, but final decision will not be made until 2014.

A big factor for contractors will be if they can stay within the $278 million dollar budget for the project. As it was revealed, any cost overruns would be covered by the city.

As for the design, the city says the finished stadium may not look exactly like the concept that was released in September 2011. Still, the main amenities that were incorporated in the initial design will be included in some fashion.

Unlike the previous council, these proposals were not passed unanimously,

Coun. Shawn Fraser ran his election platform based on his concerns with the stadium initiative and, true to that promise, he voted against the project moving forward as presented.

The proposals will be brought before city council on Jan. 28.

Based on a report by Kelsey Chadwick, CTV Regina